Sunday, 24 March 2013


My website has now been closed for refurbishment and updating by my good friend Gary Noden in line with the design of the blog. It will feature new artwork when up and running again which I hope will be within the next month. I've been busy trying to get the decks clear so I can get some birding in this spring and I am currently working on some pieces for the Isles of Scilly Nature Review and  Lancs Bird Report which I hope to bury over the Easter, after Easter its heads down to start on the cover for the BTO webs publication which I have to thank another friend for namely Jack Ashton B! Attached are two sketches recently done of the female Smew at Old Moor, both were done in the field, the top one done very quickly indeed with a little more care on the lower one, all the tones etc were done with pencil with the colour wash put over when i got home, toneing and doing the shadow in the pencil first literally makes a 30 second over painting job!