Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I'm now on twitter posting new images, sketches on a daily basis.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Finally back on top of things and will be hoping to post more often, the last year or so has been joyous but also filled with grief after the death of a good friend Martin Garner who I worked with right up till the end on a third book in the Birding Frontiers series. As many of you will know I illustrated Martins first two books in the Challenge series and had so many more in the pipeline. Martin was diagnosed with cancer when we were 6 weeks into the first book and his strength to continue and produce the 2 books in the series have given me such an incentive in relation to never giving up! The joyous parts were the success of both books which Martin saw published and sell out! I've also worked on two other great projects, The Birds of Spurn by Andy Roadhouse and The Breeding Birds of Barnsley, both to be published this year. I will now be concentrating on developing my artwork technique and trying new things along with birding! I lost my last two springs by working on the Challenge Series so am taking a deserved break to paint for myself, this will mean far more updates to the blog, also getting the website updated and the start of a twitter account! Below are the two spine paintings I have done for The Birds of Spurn, the Roller, and The Breeding Birds of Barnsley, the Hawfinch.
I've also just come back from Estonia and will update with my Steller's Eider study sheet shortly.