Sunday, 4 January 2015


Its going to be a busy 2015 with 3 books on the go, firstly after the hugely successful Birding Frontiers Autumn book we are now starting on the Winter version to be hopefully published and released at the next Rutland Bird Fair, also alongside this and in the same series I will be working on a Gulls book dealing with the large gulls. Finally the long awaited Birds of Spurn by Andy Roadhouse will be the final publication, I will be doing the cover of that and an internal spread. I will be starting the Birding Frontiers Winter book next week and will be doing weekly updates on the blog, the blog has been neglected but I have cut back on work this year to spend more time updating it on a weekly basis!
The study sheet below was undertaken yesterday at Newchurch Common in Cheshire of a Smew.

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